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Inside Investor is a global company founded in 2011 with offices in Hong Kong, Manila, Dubai, and San Francisco. We create the space for companies, individuals and governments to execute their strategies in an efficient and informed manner.

Our Consulting Platform, known as iiEducate, is a place where companies, individuals or governments can discuss topics of their choosing, and involve the opinion and contributions of our existing network.

Some companies may use iiEducate to address particular questions regarding their own strategies by using the expertise of carefully chosen and vetted Experts in a closed session. Other institutions may use the platform to highlight their own company’s successes, utilising the exposure to thousands of influencers as a thought leader. Experts in turn will utilise iiEducate to import their own unique knowledge to global companies. Findings are then archived through bespoke research publications.

Our Big Data Search at iiEducate is a unique tool that allows clients to leverage vast amounts of information available online to streamline expert discussion. Big Data Search offers businesses a competitive advantage in identifying, which sectors or topics for a particular country are trending. iiEducate is able to identify the significant decision-makers in specific industries, which PPP projects are worth getting involved in.

Inside Investor runs the news portal: Investvine covers Southeast Asian and GCC finance, economic, tech, lifestyle and travel news as well as opinion and analysis. The extensive news and information gleaned from Investvine complements iiEducate and identifies trends and areas of interest that can then be used by clients and partners.

Inside Investor’s main aim is to disrupt the traditional consulting model by bringing it into the 21st century. Information, efficiency and speed are vital in today’s world and this is what we provide to our

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