What Are The Benefits?

At IREF 20128 you are presented with a unique opportunity to connect with the global real estate community both conventional and Islamic, think about new strategies to approach and contemplate the bigger picture with, re establish collaborations and forge new business relationships.

At IREF 22018 you will be provided with opportunities to gain knowledge, meet people, develop ideas, raise visibility, and get inspired. Additional benefits you will find will come from getting feedback, collegial support, a sense of intellectual community, and time to talk to friends and colleagues about collaborative projects or institutional and industry developments.

Attending IREF 2018 will allow you to find out about the human motivation and broader context by getting new perspectives on real estate as an estate class and how it is perceived and practised as a discipline in different International jurisdictions/ markets and from the prospective of both the Islamic and conventional financial industries. The summit will enable you to determine were synergies may lie and explore opportunities and identify future trends.

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