Justine Leigh-Bell - Manager of Standards and Certification Scheme, Climate Bonds Initiative (Confirmed)
Justine has spent much of her career helping business leaders and governments find solutions to the global challenges of climate change and sustainable development. She currently heads the Standards program at the Climate Bonds Initiative. Justine works closely with industry experts and international agencies on helping to define "what is green" across the low carbon economy, with the aim of providing a screening tool for investors and governments to easily prioritise climate and green bonds with confidence.

Justine has provided consultancy services for a number of global environmental advisory firms and institutions including The Carbon Trust (link is external), the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) (link is external), The Clean Tech Group (link is external) and GIST Advisory (link is external) based in New Delhi. Her key areas of focus have been in sustainable development in emerging economies, climate change mitigation/adaptation strategies, economic valuation and market based instruments for managing natural capital assets.

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